is a class an IP address utilized by switch processing plants as the default entryway address of their switches. This IP deliver can be utilized to setup your own system, yet it must be one of a kind in its own particular neighborhood. Nowadays most of the domestic used modems have the 192.168.o.1.1 IP address. The uniqueness of the is that they are unique for each device and they can’t be used in more than one device. Some of the router companies out there will set that ip as the default router IP. Also they are used as the class A ip address in the default gateway of their router brands. If we need to access the settings of the router then we have to access the 192.168.o.1.1 In that settings page we can also configure the wireless router password.

Some popular IPs:,,,

Step by step instructions to login to a switch utilizing

Open your program and sort in in the URL address bar, and press Enter catch. The administration reassure will show up on the screen. Enter your username and watchword here. On the off chance that you don’t know where to discover this data, it is by and large set apart at back of the switch. On the off chance that regardless you are having inconveniences finding your secret word visit our rundown of default switch passwords. There you can also find how many devices are currently using the WiFi router. Also there are many features that can be easily be monitored using the settings page. Select the Network area on your menu show. Dial-up/DSL or different strategies can be utilized for setting up the system. Bolster in username and secret word you have from the system supplier. Google gives the DNS and

Can’t associate with

This IP address speaks to the neighborhood side of a remote access guide association toward the Internet. Once the customer gadgets join LAN (neighborhood), the address would show up in their TCP/IP arrange passage settings. You can utilize the ping utility to discover if any gadget on the nearby system is currently utilizing

I can’t access the router settings why?

This error is what most users face especially when they are new to this router setup configuration. The most common way this problem arise is by connecting to a router that is different from the one you want to open the settings page. You might be connected to any other router other than the respective router. Kindly check once before proceeding.

Likewise please check the internet connection. This may sound silly but most people unknowingly does this mistake. They switch of the router and try to connect to them. So kindly check once. Also make sure you have right spelled the IP address as and not 192.168.o.1.1 or 192.168.o.1

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