– 192.168.l0.1 is a Login Admin. is an IP address that everyone must be aware. This ip address is most common among the home networks. The router brands that use these IP address are such as Netgear & D-Link routers. This router handles the ip address with the default gateway which helps in handling the conflicts that arise here.

Some people mistakenly add one to the IP address as 192.168.l0.1 and try to log into the router using this ip address. Also there is an another format people use for this router 192.168.lo.1 but both of this IP address is not the right format. For the correct version of the ip address is Some popular IP address,, Admin Configuration Settings Method :-

  • Turn on your Computer and open the default browser on it. You can even check with other browsers, but Internet Explorer would be the best option.
  • In the address bar type in or 192.168.l0.1.
  • Now enter Username – Admin and Password – Admin.
  • The Admin panel will open.
  • Select Advanced Setup from the left side menu.
  • After that click on PPPOE or select Bridge Mode as per your choice.
  • Click Save and Reboot. You have successfully made the 192.168.10.l Login Router Settings.
  • After rebooting, type http in address bar and Sign In.
  • Passwords can be checked here and used to configure the modem. Its just a simple process, you just need to open in the default browser and click the setup option and it will be successfully configured.
  • You can have a look at the TP Link Admin Passwords

Not able to access

If you are getting “Page cannot be displayed” error while accessing, there may be many reasons for same. We will explain reasons below.

  • First thing is check connection between connected device and router. Re-plug the cable and restart router
    Disable anti-virus or any other firewall. May be these are blocking IP address
  • Clear browser cache or use different browser. Browser cache can be cleared by pressing Crtl+F5 in browser address bar.
  • May be is not default IP address. Click here to read more about troubleshooting Configuration
  • Netgear, D-LINK, Sitecom and 2WIRE are some of the major router brands which uses 192.168.l0.1 as their default IP address. Click here to know how to change router settings from

More than 253 IP addresses?

If you are going to connect more than 253 network devices simultaneously, which is unlikely, we can choose any of the other two IP address assignment formats, for which we need to change some aspects of the network configuration. The smaller the network in this regard, the easier it is to maintain it. Therefore, this above explains why IP addresses are in the area of local networks, although we know that you can expand the possibilities.

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