Any Internet protocol or IP address acts as an access point or gateway between any two devices connected on a network, more than often it is a LAN or Local area network. is a private IP address of IPv4 type, which is used by the manufacturer of routers, why are some Internet protocols used? Well, the answer is there are not many Internet protocols available for the manufacturer to choose from, simply because there is a scarcity of these types of IP addresses, and unique addresses are not available for all the devices online.

The great thing about you don’t need any special equipment. All you need is 3 simple things a device connected to the modem; a web browser and the login and password of your router and you are good to go.

How to attain the credentials of your router?

All routers have fairly the same ID and passwords but do not panic if you don’t already have the credentials of your router, you can acquire the same by the methods mentioned below;

  1. Look for the outer packaging that the device came in and look either at the back of the box, for details or the user manual that comes with the device, look for words like username or id.
  2. You can also look at the back of the device, and look for the same words such as ‘admin’ or ‘username’; the manufacturer generally leaves the default settings at the back panel, so that they come in handy in the time of needs.
  3. You can also, note down the model number and brand name of your router, and look it up online, you will find extensive pre-existing lists of default credentials in correspondence with your router details.

How to reset your router?

In case you changed your router credentials in the past and have now forgotten them you can use the following steps to reset your router, which will also restore the default router credentials on your device.

  • Locate the reset button on your device or router. It is very small in size hence it might be hard to locate, but it is commonly present on the panel, where there are ports.
  • Once you have located the reset button you should keep a needle or pin in hand, because of the size of the button, it might be hard to apply pressure to or press it.
  • Once you have your choice of instrument (a needle or pin), hold the reset button for 15 seconds and your device will be reset. Also Check IP Address.

How to use

Step 1. Open your web browser and introduce “” into the URL address bar on top the browser and press enter.

Step 2. Your browser will now ask you for your router credentials in the form of “username “and “password”.

Step 3. Enter the credentials and enter them into the prompt window in your browser, in their respective fields.

Step 4. And done, once you’re in the admin panel you can modify or even reset the settings of the router.

How to connect and configure a Wi-Fi router correctly by entering the admin panel or question is asked by anyone who first sets up a wireless network or the Internet via Wi-Fi at home or in an apartment.

The first thing to do to connect a Wi-Fi router is to go to the settings. Depending on the model and brand of the router (Tplink, Dlink, Zyxel, etc.), these may be the following ip-addresses: admin-panel and entrance to the WiFi router

Logging into any wireless router is very simple. To do this, just enter the ip-address of its admin panel in the browser line. However, an Internet connection is not required. To find out exactly which address you need to enter in order to enter the settings panel of your particular router, study the documentation in a paper video or download the instructions for your router model on the Internet.

All modern WiFi routers have a sticker (on the case itself), usually at the bottom of the device. It displays all the information for the initial setup of the router, the name of the login page, login and password for access. After the initial setup, it is highly recommended that you change them to your own. Otherwise, everyone who has access to the router will be able to reconfigure it or change the login information.

After logging in to or, you need to specify the type of connection. To do this, go to the network and sharing control settings, select the access point that is responsible for communicating with your router. When connected, it becomes clickable and changes color from gray to black.

Left-click on it, select the properties of iPv4 and set the IP and DNS addresses that the provider gave you during the execution of the Internet connection agreement. If you have not been given such information, call technical support and ask. Or you can search for the necessary information on the provider’s website. Often on the official Internet resource upload instructions for connecting.

If the documentation indicates that IP and DNS should be left dynamic – do not uncheck and do not enter anything into these fields. Most often this happens, but if static identifiers are used, they must be specified.

This situation sometimes occurs if the subscriber orders an allocated IP address himself and forgets about it. Sometimes the provider can independently provide such a service. After you deal with IP and DNS, you can proceed to configure the router itself.

Configuring a router, Wi-Fi connection and network equipment

Initially, you need to find out if your provider uses MAC address binding. If not, you can skip this item and immediately move to the next. But if a technical support specialist tells you that the MAC address is being used, it will need to be cloned in the router settings. The essence of this operation is that the computer identifier matches the identifier of the router.

To do this, connect to the not yet configured access point of your router and drive the address into the address bar of the browser . If you are using a router from NetGear or D-Link, use The device control panel from different manufacturers is significantly different, so you yourself need to find the necessary section. For example, on TP-Link routers, the necessary menu is located on the “Network> Mac clone” path.



192.168.l5.1 is one of the common DNS Server IP addresses which the routers use as an access point. These servers act as a layer of abstraction for translation between hostname and IP addresses. In the case of routers, these are also where the settings are set-up. With these settings, one can manage security, WPS block, MAC, WLAN settings and various others.

How can you access these settings?

  • Make Sure your device is connected to the Router (either on WLAN or LAN).
  • Enter 192.168.l5.1 in your Browser’s address bar and click Go.
  • If you see an error or the address keeps on loading, your network might be using another address. Check the address and use it instead of 192.168.l5.1
  • Log in with your Admin (or Username) and password in the ADSL Router Login Window.
  • In case you have not changed the password or Username, they are the default given in the documentation that comes with the router.
  • In case you have changed the password and/or Username and forgotten it, you can press the reset button (a little pushbutton in a cavity below or on the back-side of the router) for about 15 seconds. You would need a pin, a pencil lead or any other thin item to reach to this button. Once the reset is complete, you will be able to use the default Username and Password.
  • A successful login leads to the admin portal where you can modify settings.

The administrator should be conscious of these settings if he desires to exploit the complete functionality of a router and establish ethical control over the users of his network.

If problems in login window arise for Mac users:

  1. Click on the apple icon and choose “System Preferences” from the drop-down menu.
  2.  In the dialog box that appears, click on “Network”.
  3. You’ll find your router’s IP address in front of “Router:”. Make sure to make a note of it.
  4. Now type the same IP address in the address bar of your web browser to get the login dialog box to open.

You are only left to enter router username and password. The default username being admin and the password being password. Both the username and password are case-sensitive.



Asus Router Login setup

There are a number of advance facilities you will enjoy with Asus router but for that, you have to access the Asus Router Login window and make the basic configurations for your Asus router. Login to the Asus router can be a little bit confusing for the Asus router users. If you are also looking for the Asus Router Login window, we are going to help for this. We are the router login support team and we are helping thousands of Asus router users across the world.

Facing Issues with Asus Router Login? Factory Reset your Asus Router

Resetting your Asus router to default setting may required in many cases. If you are facing problems with Asus router login process, the best thing you can do in that case is, try to reset your Asus to default configurations. Resetting the Asus router will erase all the default setting you have made for your Asus router and you can use the default settings for accessing your Asus router. Here are the Steps for Resetting your Asus Router to Default Settings

  • First of all, you will need to make sure that your Asus router is receiving the power supply.
  • After power supply your Asus router, you will need to press the reset button using any sharp paper pin.
  • Press the reset button for at least 5 seconds and release that reset button.
  • After resetting your Asus to default settings, you can use the default login details for Asus Router Login.

Asus Router Default Admin Login Name: admin

Asus Wireless Router Login Password: admin

Here are the Steps for Accessing Asus Router Login Page

If you want to make the configurations for your Asus router, you have to Asus router login page. We are going to explain the simple steps for accessing the Asus router. If you are facing any kind of problems with login Asus router, Asus router ip login, Asus router admin login or login Asus router rt n66u you can contact router login support team for help

  • You will need to connect your Asus router to the computer system using the Ethernet cable.
  • After making the Ethernet cable connections for your Asus router, you will need to access the web browser at the computer system connected with the Asus router. // http://router.asus.com
  • Open the web browser and fill Asus router login address IP in the web browser’s address bar. // http://router.asus.com
  • After pressing the enter key, you will need to fill the login details for accessing your Asus router advance settings. // http://router.asus.com
  • Press enter key and if the login details are correct, you will be redirect to Asus configuration page.

These are the straight forward and very simple steps for accessing the Asus router login page. You can any time contact router login support team for help if you are not getting the Asus router login access. We are there to help to any time you need help regarding Asus router login, router Asus com login, router Asus login, Asus login router, Asus wireless router login, login Asus router, forgot Asus router login issues.

How To Change WiFi Password?

If you want to change the default router WiFi password then follow this post.

TP-Link Routers

follow this 4 steps to change your WiFi Password on TP-Link Router

  1. first step to login your admin panel settings at or http://192.168.l.254/
  2. Enter your admin panel router username and password.
  3. Once you have login go to Navigate to Wireless > Wireless Security > WPA/WPA2 – Personal (Recommended) > Password .
  4. last step finally You will see “Passwords” field, enter your new password and save changes.

D-Link Routers

follow this 6 steps to change your WiFi Password on D-Link Router

  1. Open to your router setting and using its default IP address
  2. Enter your default router username and password.
  3. Most of the people forget the username and password,(admin/admin in most cases)use it.
  4. Then go to Wireless option, click on Wireless Security.
  5. Select Security Mode set to WPA2 only
  6. Finally Pre-Shared Key enter your desired password and Apply it.


follow this 5 steps to change your WiFi Password on Netgear Router

  1. Open your router settings using its default IP address or 192.168.l.254
  2. Enter your default router username and password, most of the people using this common( username and password is admin and admin).
  3. Next step go to your Wireless option and go to your Security Options.
  4. Select WPA2-PSK [AES] enter your password.
  5. Apply chances and reboot your WiFi for changes to effect.

D-Link Router Setup

http://dlinkrouter.local is the login address for making setup designs for Dlink remote switches. In the wake of making advance settings for your Dlink switch, you should login to your Dlink switch utilizing http://dlinkrouter.local enlisted address. You will get divert for Dlink switch login page where you should fill the login client name and secret key. On the off chance that you are not getting login divert for your Dlink switch login page that is mean you have not designed the Dlink switch precisely. Ensure that you have arranged your Dlink essential settings professionally at exactly that point you can utilize http://dlinkrouter.local deliver for login to your Dlink switch.

Dlink router wireless settings

We will clarify the remote settings for your Dlink cameras and in the wake of making these remote settings you should have a go at getting to your Dlink remote switch utilizing http dlinkrouter neighborhood setup wizard. You will get following remote setting for dealing with your Dlink switches.

Wireless Network Setup Wizard | http dlinkrouter local admin

Remote setup wizard adversary Dlink login is utilized on the off chance that you have to setup your dlink switch for remote settings. With remote system setup wizard you will get finish control for setting up your Dlink login window.

Configure your Router Using WPS

Remote WPS catch is utilized to add a remote gadget to your home system. Utilizing WPS catch arrangements you won’t have to utilize any sort of Dlink login designs utilizing PC window. For utilizing WPS Dlink login setups both your Dlink switch and remote gadget should bolster the WPS arrangements.

Manual Setup for Dlink Advance Routers | www http dlinkrouter local

On the off chance that you would prefer not to utilize WPS arrangements or remote system wizard for your Dlink switch, you should physically setup your Dlink propel switch. you will get finish manage for setting up your Dlink login switch and you will ready to appreciate login for your Dlink switch.

Dlink Login Settings for your Wireless Routers

After login to your Dlink remote switch, you should make settings for your Dlink switch. here is the rundown of propel settings you should arrange subsequent to getting to the login window for your Dlink switch.

Switch IP Address: This will be the IP deliver you will use to get to the web interface for your Dlink login switch. Make a point to fill redress login secret key for your switch.

Subnet Mask: Enter the subnet cover for your home system. It will look like

Gadget Name: Fill the name for the Dlink switch gadget. You can change the gadget name later.

Nearby Domain Name: This is the discretionary name so you can fill the neighborhood space name in the event that you need to enter.

Empower DNS Relay: You can check this alternative on the off chance that you need to empower the DNS hand-off.

http dlinkrouter local setup wizard

You can pick http dlinkrouter neighborhood setup wizard on the off chance that you don’t find out about setting up your Dlink switch. When you pick setup wizard for Dlink login you will get finish setup wizard for making advance arrangements for your Dlink switch. You ought not get mistook for various alternatives since you will get finish ventures to step help in the event that you pick setup wizard choice. You should take after these straightforward advances and your Dlink switch will get arranged precisely.

Manual Configurations for Dlink Login Access

On the off chance that you know about the Dlink login switches you should pick “Manual Setup” choice. You can without much of a stretch deal with the manual setup for your Dlink switches just in the event that you have arranged your Dlink login window in past too. If it’s not too much trouble have a visit at blog session and you can get more data about http dlinkrouter nearby setup wizard, http dlinkrouter neighborhood administrator, http dlinkrouter nearby com, http dlinkrouter nearby login asp, http dlinkrouter nearby or http

Possible Internet Connection Settings for Dlink Login Access

You can utilize USB port designs for your Dlink login switch if your Dlink switch and PC framework both help the USB ports. From control board window, you should choose remote system setup wizard alternative and you will get two further choices. It is possible that you can utilize “Setup Wizard” of you can utilize “Manual Configurations for Dlink Login”.

Arris Router setup

  • Open any web browser installed on your computer.
  • In the address bar write
  • After that click on go or press enter.
  • You will see the Arris modem default webpage
  • You will see Arris, status is in a yellow box. On the right side you will see wireless tab, click on it.
  • You will see new window asking for a username and password:

    Username: admin Password: password

  • Then click apply
  • Here you see preshared key after scrolling down to security settings, here you change this to any password you want to set it.
  • Always write down the password so you never forget it.
  • At the end just reboot the modem by shutting down your computer completely, then power off your modem.
  • After 2 minutes power on your modem, you will see 4 solid lights.
  • Now power on your computer.

Linksys Router Setup

Follow These Steps to Setup Your Linksys Router Network

Linksys routers are useful for connecting several computers together, sharing an internet connection between them, and protecting the connection from malicious threats. Without optimization, a Linksys router network is vulnerable to performance issues. If you’re tired of slow speeds, disconnections, and weak signals, these are a few steps for optimizing your Linksys router network.

  1. Secure the network. If you haven’t already done so, enable the router’s security. Navigate to the “Security” tab, and search for the “Wireless Security” section to secure the network. Both WEP and WPA are viable measures of security.
  2. Change the router’s channel. The wireless signal emitted from Linksys routers can often be weakened by the channel on which it’s operating. Change it for a possible boost in performance. This setting is accessible under the “Wireless” tab.
  3. Use port forwarding. Performance hiccups are often caused by denial of access to certain ports by the router. Any modern Linksys routers will allow users to manipulate its port forwarding feature.
  4. Lastly, grab a wireless network extender. One of the most common problems with Linksys routers is a weakened signal in certain areas of the home. You can easily solve signal strength problems by using a network extender with the router. For the best performance, be sure to grab a Linksys brand extender.

Netgear Router Setup

An IP address is the means by which computers are identified over the internet or over a network, an IP address acquired by a network adapter that is normally fitted into the computer motherboard. A computer requires establishing an IP address in order to gain access to a network or internet.

The Netgear router provides WI-FI features to a computer that has no internal Wi-Fi device. This router is used to connect to the internet and other home networks that a computer may be configured to work in. Netgear routers are designed for easy use. The compact designs of the routers can be seen in the various models manufactured by Netgear. With each model, the routerlogin IP address can be found in the user’s manual.

The Netgear Setup default IP address is or depending on the model. Alternatively, http://www-192161254.com can be used to login to the Netgear router.

The user can access the control panel of a Netgear router by following a few instructions and using the Netgear default IP address:

  1. Connect the Netgear router using the network Ethernet cable to the computer.
  2. Switch on the computer and log in using an administrators account.
  3. The user should then set up the network address and edit the network properties so as to obtain the Netgear router address automatically.
  4. The next step should be to start the preffered web browser, though it is advisable to use the default web browser.
  5. The user can choose between Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or any other browser.
  6. The user should then type in the router’s IP address in the address bar and press Enter to access the Netgear router’s homepage. Most browsers input the hypertext protocol part before you type anything, but it is not necessary to type it in.
  7. Once the user has entered the default username and password for their router model, they will gain access to the router’s control panel.

Find Router IP Address

Look up Router IP Address

For the configuration of your router, firstly you have to sign in to it. For this purpose, you have to know about the IP address of your router. If you want to know about the default IP address of your router, here you can check your default router IP address. An IP address contains four digits and a full stop separate these digits. Most routers have IP addresses or But its totally depends on your system or device because there is a different way of finding your IP address on different computers. Followings are the phases of each.


In windows system, you have to find command prompt with the help of search bar. By putting cmd in the search bar you easily access the command prompt. For finding the results for default IP address you have to write “ipconfig” in a black window of the command prompt.


  1. For MAC OS, with the help of the following six steps, you can easily check the IP address of your router.
  2. Firstly, on the top of the screen click the Apple Menu.
  3. Here you select ‘System Preferences.
  4. After this, you can see the Network icon. Click it.
  5. Select the relevant network connection.
  6. After this, click the advance button.
  7. By clicking the tab ‘TCP/IP’ you can easily get the IP address of your router.


For the Linux OS, you can see your IP address registered nearby ‘inet adddr’ by directing on navigation bar Applications > System Tools > Terminal and type “ipconfig”.

IPhone iOS

If you are a user of iOS9 or iOS8, to find your IP address, go to the settings and after that click on WiFi. By clicking on the wireless connection you can find the IP of your router in DHCP tab.


To find the IP address of the router in android devices, a third party app Wi-Fi Analyzer you can easily know about it. You just install the application and after that open it and click on the ‘View” menu where you have to select the ‘AP list’. You will see the text ‘connect to Network Name’. By clicking on it, you can easily see the whole information about your network including IP address.

Chrome OS

For Chrome OS, you just click the notification area on the taskbar. The list which will show by clicking the notification area, then you just click on the “Connected to [Network Name]’. For finding your IP address, next you will click on your wireless network on ‘Network’ tab. Here you will find all the information regarding your network.