Change Or Recover Router Password

Generally, are the most common IP address to login to router admin panel. As mentioned above, you can change the password of But what if you forgot the router password. Don’t worry, if your browser is showing the login page but you have forgotten the password. There are some ways through which you can recover or change the router password.

If you have not changed the password and it is on the default then you can recover it very easily. The default password for the router is provide on the back of the router along with the username. Look at the label at the back of the router. If there is no such information provided then google your router default username and password by providing it with the exact model of your router. Remember that by this method you can only access the router settings page if you have not changed the password from default.

But what to do if you have changed the default password of the router. In such case you have to reset your router manually. Resetting the router not only resets the username and password of the router to default but it also reset the changes you have made. It changes the router status back to the normal. But it is the only way to recover the password of the router in such specific situation. Resetting your router is a very simple process. There is a reset hole on the router and in most of the models it is present near the power port. You have to use a needle or pen to press this reset button. Hold the button for 5 seconds. When small light of the router starts to blink it means that the router has been reset. Do remember to power the router on before the reset.

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