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Look up Router IP Address

For the configuration of your router, firstly you have to sign in to it. For this purpose, you have to know about the IP address of your router. If you want to know about the default IP address of your router, here you can check your default router IP address. An IP address contains four digits and a full stop separate these digits. Most routers have IP addresses or But its totally depends on your system or device because there is a different way of finding your IP address on different computers. Followings are the phases of each.


In windows system, you have to find command prompt with the help of search bar. By putting cmd in the search bar you easily access the command prompt. For finding the results for default IP address you have to write “ipconfig” in a black window of the command prompt.


  1. For MAC OS, with the help of the following six steps, you can easily check the IP address of your router.
  2. Firstly, on the top of the screen click the Apple Menu.
  3. Here you select ‘System Preferences.
  4. After this, you can see the Network icon. Click it.
  5. Select the relevant network connection.
  6. After this, click the advance button.
  7. By clicking the tab ‘TCP/IP’ you can easily get the IP address of your router.


For the Linux OS, you can see your IP address registered nearby ‘inet adddr’ by directing on navigation bar Applications > System Tools > Terminal and type “ipconfig”.

IPhone iOS

If you are a user of iOS9 or iOS8, to find your IP address, go to the settings and after that click on WiFi. By clicking on the wireless connection you can find the IP of your router in DHCP tab.


To find the IP address of the router in android devices, a third party app Wi-Fi Analyzer you can easily know about it. You just install the application and after that open it and click on the ‘View” menu where you have to select the ‘AP list’. You will see the text ‘connect to Network Name’. By clicking on it, you can easily see the whole information about your network including IP address.

Chrome OS

For Chrome OS, you just click the notification area on the taskbar. The list which will show by clicking the notification area, then you just click on the “Connected to [Network Name]’. For finding your IP address, next you will click on your wireless network on ‘Network’ tab. Here you will find all the information regarding your network.


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