Linksys Router Setup

Follow These Steps to Setup Your Linksys Router Network

Linksys routers are useful for connecting several computers together, sharing an internet connection between them, and protecting the connection from malicious threats. Without optimization, a Linksys router network is vulnerable to performance issues. If you’re tired of slow speeds, disconnections, and weak signals, these are a few steps for optimizing your Linksys router network.

  1. Secure the network. If you haven’t already done so, enable the router’s security. Navigate to the “Security” tab, and search for the “Wireless Security” section to secure the network. Both WEP and WPA are viable measures of security.
  2. Change the router’s channel. The wireless signal emitted from Linksys routers can often be weakened by the channel on which it’s operating. Change it for a possible boost in performance. This setting is accessible under the “Wireless” tab.
  3. Use port forwarding. Performance hiccups are often caused by denial of access to certain ports by the router. Any modern Linksys routers will allow users to manipulate its port forwarding feature.
  4. Lastly, grab a wireless network extender. One of the most common problems with Linksys routers is a weakened signal in certain areas of the home. You can easily solve signal strength problems by using a network extender with the router. For the best performance, be sure to grab a Linksys brand extender.

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