Admin Login – 192.168.l.254 is a Login Admin. This IP address is used by the routers like TP-Link, Netgear, D-Link uses it as the default IP address. The Admin Password will help you to login to any router. There are strong routers to access the admin of this address to let the network administrators access their routers and networks. admin password belongs to the IP address of the C class address, belonging to the reserved IP. It is especially useful for router settings. some popular router IPs,, 

When you enter the admin password, you can change any modifications in the router configuration. After getting the access to the management panel, the settings and configurations can be modified. After accessing the admin control panel, and through the default IP address you can also change the username and password. Through the control panel, you can also change the default IP address, username and password for security issues.

How to Login to

  • First, you open your browser in the system or any other device.
  • Then type the in the address bar or simply click on it.
  • If the login page doesn’t open or you get any error then it is not your IP address.
  • Then find your router IP address by typing ip config in the command prompt.
  • Once you know your router IP address, you will be directed to the user login panel.
  • Now, you can enter the username as admin and password as admin in the router login details. If you do not remember the details check them from the below table.
  • The below information is useful when you haven’t changed the default username and password that comes with your router.
  • Once, you are in the router’s admin panel, you can modify all internet settings.
  • Therefore, follow the above steps to login to a router using admin password.
  • Moreover, you can also refer the below details to login. and 192.168.l.254 Admin Login Passwords List

You can also check Default Router Passwords List for finding them. Otherwise have a look at these mentioned Login details in order to Sign In to the Administrator Panel of your router.

Router Brand

Login IP



3Com admin admin
Belkin admin admin
BenQ admin admin
D-Link admin admin
Digicom admin michelangelo
Digicom user password
Linksys admin admin
Netgear admin password
Sitecom sitecom admin
Thomson user user
US Robotics admin admin

How to find router IP address?

If you are getting an error while accessing router using address, your network might be using some other address like, or maybe In this case, you must check the correct router’s IP Address. You can search for the default gateway IPs available.

Forgot IP Address Username and Password?

  • Suppose you don’t know your username and the password, and you have never changed it before then you try to find them in the label of the router along with its serial number and its login address.
  • In the case, you have changed the password before and does not remember it now, then you must reset your modem or router to its default factory settings. There is always a reset button on ever wireless or ADSL device.
  • It is like a push button – very small in size. You will have to push it with a pen or any device like a pen to activate it. You can use toothpick also. To turn the router back to factory settings, you will have to hold down the button for about 10 seconds
  • In the case you have not touched your username and password ever before, you can use the default username and passwords for the router. The list is already on the internet. You can do a google if any issue with your login and 192.168.l.254 Admin. Have a look.

Netgear Router Login:

Here’s how to login to your Netgear Router:

  1. First of all, open the web-browser either from your PC or mobile. Make sure that the computer is connected to the router’s network.
  2. Now in the address bar, if the first one doesn’t work! If everything goes fine the login window will appear.